Court Ordered Community Service Application

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  11. This information is true and correct to the best of my knowledge.
  12. I hereby agree to hold harmless and waive any and all claims or causes of action against the COMMUNITY FOOD BANK arising out of any cause whatsoever, including but not limited to claims arising out of the negligence or intentional conduct of its employees or agents. I attest that I have not engaged in crimes of violence or any crimes involved with the use of a weapon, including charges of domestic violence, assault, sexual harassment, sexual abuse, disorderly conduct, armed robbery, or aggravated assault. I attest that I am physically fit and prepared to perform the tasks assigned to me as a CFB volunteer subject to all personal limitations and restrictions. I further agree to use my personal insurance as the primary provider in the event of injury due to my work as a volunteer for the COMMUNITY FOOD BANK. I also grant the COMMUNITY FOOD BANK full permission to use photographs of me.

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  15. If volunteer is under 18:
  17. Community Food Bank - Court Ordered Community Service Volunteers
  18. To schedule hours:
  19. 1. You must schedule work hours in advance by calling 622-0525, ext 221. Available hours are generally Tuesday through Friday 8:00 am to 4:30 pm and Saturday 8:00 am to 2:30 pm. CFB is closed for inventory on the first working day of each month. No-call no-shows result in termination of community service with CFB.

    2. There is not always work available, and only a limited number of volunteers can work at one time. Therefore, you may not be able to schedule work on your first choice of time/day.

    3. Work is to be scheduled for a minimum of 3-hour blocks of time. More hours can be worked, but the minimum is 3.

  20. To earn hours:
  21. 1. You must sign in and out with a designed CFB staff person in the lobby.

    2. You will be issued a nametag to be worn at all times.

    3. Closed shoes are required. No sun glasses in the warehouse. Shirts must have sleeves (no tank tops); no obscene pictures or language on your clothing. No hot pants or midriff blouses.

    4. No smoking or chewing tobacco in the building or CFB vehicles.

    5. There is no eating, drinking or gum-chewing in the warehouse.

    6. Headphones or radios are not allowed in the warehouse. Cellular phones and pagers are not to be used while at CFB; they must be turned off.

    7. After notifying a staff person, you may take a 10-minute break after working 2 hours. Breaks are not deducted from your court time. Volunteers take their breaks according to our workload.

    8. No visitors or phone calls. In case of emergency report to CSV staff.

    9. You may not leave during lunch. Bring your own lunch. If special exceptions need to be made, we will accomodate.

    10. No horseplay, running, disruptive behavior, foul language or harassment of clients, volunteers or staff. No public display of affection is allowed.

    11. Do not sit on any of the tables or pallets of food.

    12. Hands MUST be washed after using the restroom, before entering the warehouse, before and after eating or touching any unsanitary surface.

    13. Food service gloves will be worn when working with "ready to eat" food such as produce.

    14. All individuals must know the location of the MSDS BOOK (on the wall that connects Warehouses A & B).

    15. Persons with communicable diseases are not allowed to work in areas where product may be contaminated (refer to Employee Health Guidelines).

    16. Lockers are available for your use, must bring your own lock. CFB is not responsible for lost/stolen personal items.

    17. Volunteers may not operate the forklift or electric pallet jack nor ride on any warehouse equipment. No skateboarding with pallet jacks.

    18. You will be taught how to use a safety knife and proper handling techniques on how to open products.

    19. Should you or a member of your family need a TEFAP Food Box we will instruct you on how to apply for one.

    20. Food may not be taken from the warehouse without previous approval from your supervisor.

  22. 24-hour notice is required to generate a letter for the Court indicating you have completed your hours with us.

  23. We have the right to terminate your Community Service work in the event you are unable or unwilling to reasonably fulfill the job. CFB staff will monitor your behavior, and not following the rules will result in a loss of hours for that day, our notifying your Probation Officer and dismissal.

  24. I have read, understand and will follow the rules: